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    HYOK’s professional kitchen and hotel equipment and design services lead the industry with a spirit of craftsmanship.
    Our quality equipment, custom designs, professional support, and expert advice will ensure your next project’s success.

  2. 2*

    HYOK believes that knowing our clients and understanding their goals is the foundation of every successful project.
    Understanding your goals and working closely together motivates us to exceed your expectations.

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    HYOK cares about the environment; we focus on sustainable development and being a green company.
    In every project we aim for low carbon, environmentally safe, and energy efficient manufacturing processes.

  4. 4*

    HYOK creates personalized design plans for each client and helps to simplify the work process.
    Your next project will be beautifully designed and exceptionally functional with HYOK’s professional kitchenware.

Production process

From stainless steel sheet to finished product.

  • Consultation

    We will discuss your unique goals and showcase examples of successful projects where HYOK products deliver exceptional results.

  • Design

    HYOK’s designers and technicians will develop high quality designs and standardized products using cutting edge equipment and technology.

  • Manufacture

    Product quality is our highest priority. Our modern factories and advanced equipment constantly improve the quality of HYOK products.

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  • Delivery

    HYOK provides industry leading after-sales service, free maintenance during the warranty period. This reflects the confidence we have in our products.